CAA: Corporate Advisory Associates Incorporated - Business Valuation and Financial Advisors

Corporate Advisory Associates is the premier independent business valuation firm serving the Pacific Northwest. The principals of the firm have been providing valuation services since 1978. We bring to our clients technical expertise, financial insight, and credible valuation analyses and advice that are objective and reliable.

Business valuation is much more than just formulas and spreadsheets. It requires a deep understanding of the business and the factors that influence its value. This philosophy is central to how we approach an assignment; every business is unique with its own considerations. By grasping both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of a business, we are able to provide well-reasoned opinions that withstand scrutiny.

Our credentialed team of professionals focuses exclusively on business valuation and related financial advisory services. Our experience encompasses thousands of valuations across a wide array of industries and includes companies in all stages of the business life cycle, from early-stage ventures to mature, established businesses. Whatever your valuation need, Corporate Advisory Associates represents the highest standard in professional business appraisal.